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Individual beverage development: a journey through flavors

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The beverage market has changed dramatically in recent years. The range in stores has expanded, and new drinks are being added every day.

There is a secret weapon in the world of the beverage industry: individually developed drinks that not only satisfy thirst, but also offer an unforgettable taste experience. Today, it’s all about unique flavor combinations and iced teas, energy drinks and other beverages that meet the individual preferences and needs of each person. Customized beverage development has become an art form that combines both creativity and science.

tropextrakt, particularly through its tpxdrinks brand, recognized this over twelve years ago and has established itself as a pioneer in this field. Our approach to beverage development is not only innovative, but also tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Here, science and the pursuit of pleasure merge to create a unique experience.



The basics of individual beverage development

The development of an individual drink requires a deep understanding of the taste profiles and preferences of the target group. tpxdrinks relies on decades of experience and innovative approaches. We understand that taste is subjective and that individual preferences are diverse.

The basis for every drink is a careful selection of high-quality ingredients. tpxdrinks obtains raw materials from regional and international sources and attaches great importance to quality. From fresh fruit juices to exotic spice extracts: The range of ingredients available is almost limitless.



The path to your own drink

tpxdrinks enables customers to actively participate in the design of their own drink. During in-depth consultations, customers can indicate their preferences, select ingredients and even take part in the creative process in the form of a workshop. This participatory approach not only creates a sense of connection, but also a truly personalized beverage experience.


A new taste experience

Are you looking for a unique taste experience that makes your brand stand out? Developing customized drinks is the key to standing out in the highly competitive beverage industry. At tpxdrinks, we specialize in transforming our customers’ creative visions into unique and irresistible beverages.

Creative freedom and expert advice

Our experience of over 20 years in the food industry enables us to advise start-ups along the way. We understand that every beverage project is unique and offer the creative freedom you need to design your individual beverage. Our comprehensive consultancy service extends from concept development to professional bottling.


Customized refreshment

With tpxdrinks, the path to customized refreshment has never been easier. Let us know your ideas and we will work with you to develop your individual drink. You will find a form on our website that you can use to send us your briefing. This is where the journey to your unique product begins.

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Legal assurance through expert examination

The legal examination of beverages is of crucial importance in order to be on the safe side as a distributor. At tpxdrinks, we support you in this process. We help you communicate with external certification authorities and prepare the external expert reports you need to enter the market.



Your success is our goal

We at tpxdrinks are only satisfied when you are. Your success is our goal and we look forward to supporting you on the way to your individual beverage. Take a look at our website, discover our offers and get in touch – together we will create a drink that will enchant your customers’ palates.

Every drink has its own story, and we’re here to make sure yours is told. Fill in the form, realize your vision.