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Turning Ideas into Successful Products


We take pride in being a part of so many stories. Each project is a new adventure and a challenge that we face side-by-side with our customers.

Here is a selection of innovative drinks and beverage recipes developed by people just like you. They had an idea, and today, they have their own successful brand.


UWU – Anime Drink

The first original anime drink comes from Germany. High quality & sustainable, the immersive, intergalactic world of UWU brings natural soft drinks and adventure to your hands. With blueberry, lemon, and peach flavours, UWU is vegan, gluten-free, recyclable and BPA & plastic free.

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MOUNTOPOLIS – Swiss Pine Potion

For mountaineers and mountain dancers: an energy drink with the stimulating effect of guarana extract and the authentic scent and taste of Swiss stone pine. Exclusively available in the heart of Tyrol: in Mountopolis, the world of adventure of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, in the midst of the wonderful panorama of the Zillertal Alps! This is where mountain passion is at home!

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GUA – Guayusa Energy Drink

Refresh your mind and body naturally with GUA – the energy drink of the future! Our secret weapon? The powerful guayusa plant, which provides a gentle energy boost without artificial caffeine. GUA tastes so fruity and refreshing that you’ll wonder why you ever reached for other energy drinks. And the best part? GUA has almost no calories! GUA keeps you “naturally awake longer” – for more energy and freshness, all day long!

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GÖTTERPULS – Fruity Energy Drink

Performance where you need it! With only 15 kcal per can, a full-bodied taste with no artificial flavours and 160 mg of natural caffeine, Götterpuls Energy offers a perfect symbiosis. The drink tastes sweet, with a slightly sour note, fruity and refreshing, almost like a spritzer.

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Don Korn

DON KORN – Alcoholic Mix

Choose your fresh aroma: fruity or tart. In two variations – orange and fir – DON KORN is an alcoholic mix drink that combines taste with grain brandy, offering a great experience for curious gourmets.

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CHURCHILL – Recovery Soda

Hydrate, restore, perform. CHURCHILL is a natural blend of distilled sparkling water, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, and mint. This elixir helps you hydrate, so you can perform your activities better.

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WAKDU – Fruit Drink

The new generation of alcoholic fruit drinks. Without chemical flavours and enhancers, WAKDU combines traditional farming with modern taste and design. The beverage redefines the taste of natural fruit with the addition of the finest alcohol.

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LULOCO – Feel Fresh Drink

Fruity, fresh, and unexpected! LULOCO brings a new experience to your palate with no additional sugar. With lulo, a fruit from Colombia, as its main ingredient, the beverage is rich in vitamin C and minerals.

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Rivet Maté

RIVET MATÉ – Mate Beverage

Rivet Maté is crafted from natural ingredients, featuring a smoky mate note. The beverage is unfiltered and vegan, containing no additives or preservatives.

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EXOTEA – Exotic Ice Tea

Holiday feeling in a bottle! ExoTea evokes your emotions by offering a unique blend of flavours: fresh berries with a delicate hint of vanilla and a nostalgic chewing gum taste. All of this infused with natural caffeine, flavourings, and colouring.

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PROPS – Blueberry Lemonade

Refreshes in every moment of life! Props is a vegan lemonade, featuring sweet blueberry and sour lemon flavours. It contains no caffeine or artificial flavours. The term “Props” is the abbreviation for “Proper Respect” and originated in the USA in the early 1960s.

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SPÄTEA – Natural Energy Drink

Wakes you up! SpäTea contains a stable, high dose of natural caffeine from guarana and mate, along with a fresh mango-peach-lemongrass flavour. It makes your day – or night – longer.

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ELLYFIT – Multifunctional Soft Drink

The elixir of life. Ellyfit regenerates muscles, organs, and skin. It also enhances the immune system naturally. This vital Drink is made with natural and high-quality ingredients.

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AQTIVATE – Energy Water

The powerful water! AQTIVATE is a refreshing alternative to coffee and energy drinks. plant-based, free of sugar, calories, and artificial additives.

Starker Shot

STARKER SHOT – Energy Shot

The power of nature fights for you! With 9 selected superfoods, zinc, magnesium, and guarana (natural caffeine), STARKER SHOT gives you the energy boost you need to recharge from body fatigue, oxidative stress, and other harmful environmental influences.

Brain Changer


Drink the pure joy of life! BRAIN CHANGER contains plant extracts of heather, ashwagandha, and camu camu, combined with vitamins C, B12, magnesium, and zinc. This unique drink fights bad mood and increases endurance and performance.

The next successful drink can be yours!